1. Your child will likely to fall behind academically
This IS Singapore.

Statistically, homeschoolers perform abysmally at the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) ever since it was made compulsory (equivalent to Grade 6/or the year they turn 12). A brilliant child I know was accelerated at Primary 2 (In Singapore, this hardly ever happened. The Ministry keeps close tab on ‘gifted children’ and less than a handful were accelerated since MOE became MOE). His mum took him out of school to homeschool him. He only scored 258/300 during his PSLE. Decent grade but way below expectation. Mind you, this child was reading Shakespeare at 8.

National top students score the range of 280s-290s/300.

PSLE has very little to do with intelligence. It has to do with specialised training. A parent cannot do it. Parents WILL NOT be able to do it, whichever gene pool you belong to.

Take a look at the below question:

There were 255 balls in box A, B and C altogether. Thirty-six balls were transferred from A to B, and 19 balls were transferred from B to C. As a result, the number of balls in each box is the same. How many balls were in box B at first.

This is supposed to be a Primary 4 (Grade 4/the year they turn 10) question (US citizens can check their CWP), but no, here it is a Primary 2 (Grade 2/the year they turn 8) ‘enrichment’ question. Please defer to the experts.

2. You need YOUR ‘me-time’
You need time-away-from-messnoisequestionstantrumsbehaviouralissues. You need quiet time. Really, it’s better for your sanity, your husband’s sanity, your children’s sanity.

3. You are not cut out to be a homeschooler.
If you are considering homeschooling at all, you are likely to be Type A individual who is impatient, task oriented, and hates mess and noise. God made you this way, and you just have to accept that and live with that.

It is better to explore your interest, your ambition, and to develop your God-given potential. Find yourself, pamper yourself, discover yourself, and develop your inner being.

4. Your child will miss out on the unique school experience
Yes, I do mean recess, playing catching during recess, exchanging gossips under the stairs, going to the bookshop to spend all your allowance on pretty trinkets. I also mean panicking over unfinished homework, copying from friends who finished their homework, and collectively grumbling about THAT teacher who gave too much homework.

It means missing out on classroom experience: sitting under the droning fan while teacher teaches, changing out of your uniform during P.E. and going for CCAs with your 40 other classmates.

It also means missing out on school mass excursions, and fund-raising activities, school assemblies and doing CIP together with your 40 other classmates.

Oh, and Edusave funds too.

5. You cannot take your child out of the world
Now, the premise is absurd. Unless you intend to insulate your family at home, with a 15-year warranty to that self-regulating oxygen regenerator, and grow your own crops on your planter.

How is anyone going to keep the world out of any child(ren)?

6. Singapore has one of the safest, soundest, most reliable education system in the world
I was a teacher once, and I worked directly under MOE HQ too. I still believe in that.

7. Your child will blame you for the choice you made
They might.

Worse, you have no one else to blame. You cannot blame the school, the society, the church, the temple, the interest group…

8. Your child learns better in the way you cannot provide. That’s the way he is, you just have to accept that.

Your child(ren) learns from peer pressure (who doesn’t?). They learn best when their friends are learning alongside. So unless you are thinking of beating the Duggars in the number of children you are going to have, you should just let nature be.

9. Look, your neighbour send their kids to school too, and they turned out fabulous. Homeschoolers are really an odd bunch.

Many godly people send their children to school, and the children are turning out great.

Homeschoolers I know are, a tad funky. They are not glamourous, scrim on everything, and dresses dowdy. They start strange interest groups like ‘The rock collectors’ and meet up to sing songs. A bunch of 8 year olds, their siblings and mothers singing ‘This is the Day’ certainly wins the uncool competition handsdown.

10. There are too many forms to fill, interviews, home visits to contend with. There is also the grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins, neighbours, church friends, pastors, acquaintances to convince (that you are not crazy). Too much trouble. Forget it.

Yet, we chose to homeschool.

We know our children may not do as well as us in their PSLE. We know they might turn out a tad different from their peers. We think they might miss out on some school experiences, a lot maybe. We think WE might miss out on some teaching moments, a lot of maybe. We hope they will not blame us, though they might.

In all, we understand there is much give-and-take here. We counted our costs. We cannot keep the world from our children, but everywhere we turned in the New Testament, God told us to be set apart from the world, and to train our children up to not conform to the world (John 17: 14-17), especially in verse 15: “I do not ask you to take them out of the world, but to keep them from the evil one.” and “Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.” (v. 17).

“And do not be conformed to this world…” (Rom 12:2)

“A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough.” (Gal. 5:9)

“For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God…” (1 Cor. 3:19).

“See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ.” (Col. 2: 8)

Okay, granted mummy can turn out pretty much like ‘the-evil-one’ in any regular day. Homeschooling is life changing for many, not just the homeschooler, but the parents and entire family as well. You realise early on you have nothing to live on but the grace of God, DAILY. You realise you are in desperate need of the Holy Spirit, daily, HOURLY. You realise if you are not sanctified, you lose your sanity. I thought our family would be more ‘Christ-driven’ when we chose to homeschool, but I did not expect God to work so thoroughly. He dealt with my temper, my patience (or lack of), my public consciousness, my expectations (extreme of) and my love for Him and my family. He literally pulls out all the building blocks and is still in the process of rebuilding.

Yes, we counted our costs, and asked ourselves, “Is this worth the costs? Is the struggle to bring up my children and train them in the ways of the Lord worth all the costs?” We believe so.